This Is For The Mara Salvatrucha is the first non-fiction narrative about the MS-13. It tells the story of Brenda Paz, a young street gang member who betrayed her gang and became an informant, revealing a previously unknown threat across America.

by Samuel Logan

This Is For The Mara Salvatrucha | by Samuel Logan




"A searing, trenchant investigation into the alluring and tragic world of 21st century organized crime."

- David J. Danelo, author of THE BORDER



"Samuel Logan has written a riveting, moving, disturbing book. Brenda Paz was no ordinary girl, and hers was no routine fall from grace. Her story, combined with those of the men who tried to protect her--and those who ultimately destroyed her--will move you and haunt you, but also inspire you. This is an important book. Read it."

- David Corbett, Edgar-nominated author of BLOOD OF PARADISE



"Logan nails it!  As he exposes the tragic life and death story of Brenda Paz, he escorts us into the world of the MS-13 and all their wicked, butchering violence that America is only now becoming aware of."

- Jay Dobyns, author of NO ANGEL



"This is war reporting from America's urban underworld. Logan's examination of the MS-13 through the eyes of its foot soldiers is authoritative, and scary. Prepare yourself for a white-knuckle ride..."


- Andy Webb-Vidal, CEO of Latin IQ



"Logan captures the ethos and lethal brutality of Mara Salvatrucha in his groundbreaking case study...The insight presented here adds depth to the discussion of the maras and the networked nature of gangs, their members and cliques in a way that facilitates an understanding of contemporary transnational gangs."


- John Sullivan, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies on Terrorism, and originator of third generation gang theory.


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Hyperion Books

July 7, 2009

True Crime

Hardcover; $24.99

ISBN-10: 1401323243
ISBN-13: 978-1401323240